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I use diagnostic testing with a functional medicine lens to uncover the root of a health problem. In addition, I use a blend of naturopathic treatments including nutritional counseling, targeted supplementation, detoxification therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, intramuscular injections, and in-office, intravenous (IV) therapy. My areas of expertise include digestive disorders, hormone imbalances, and allergic conditions of all kinds. I welcome men and women of all ages into my practice. I have a passion for teaching (docere means doctor as a teacher) and I take my time to ensure that each patient fully understands her approach and the treatment plans. What I am most passionate about is bringing diagnostics, discovery and an individualized plan to individuals who do not know what is going wrong in their health. I want to be able to reassure them with insight into the disease process and answers on how to heal it. If there is one thing I am passionate about its better health, through less medication. I have trained with some of the top doctors in the field of regenerative medicine such as Dr. Caviola and Dr. Tyna Moore. I have had every major joint in my body injected with prolotherapy, administered PRP intraarticularly and utilized a PRP facial rejuvenation pen. As of recently, public speaking and talks on holistic medicine have been an exciting passion. In November 2017, I gave a professional talk at a womens wellness weekend hosted by author, speaker and serial entrepreneur, Jill Ferguson based out of Long Beach. Sponsored by Bright Financial Planning, on January 5th, 2019 I was an honor to speak on Skin, Hormones, and Detox.

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