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Travis Stocking, a cannabis media entrepreneur, has recently launched a new mobile app   company called HERBPON, which aims to become known as "The Highway to the Cannaverse." This innovative e-commerce platform promotes cannabis products and services through the use of deeply discounted coupons and exclusive offers. The HERBPON app features a comprehensive marketplace that caters to the cannabis lifestyle, offering discounted coupon deals. Additionally, the app includes its own social media platform called HERBY, which provides a safe and unrestricted online community for subscribers to freely share and discuss anything related to cannabis. Travis Stocking explains that HERBY is a simple and enjoyable social platform that allows users to communicate with friends and engage in an uninhibited online community that fully embraces the cannabis lifestyle.


The platform strongly advocates for free speech, education, and truth in all aspects of cannabis.HERBPON is a revolutionary cannabis marketplace that operates on a discount-based model and also provides an uncensored social media platform. This innovative platform connects cannabis consumers with various brands and retailers, offering them discounts of up to 70% and introducing them to new products and services that enhance their cannabis experience. HERBPON benefits both consumers and cannabis businesses by facilitating new sales and maximizing customer retention through connections with local merchants. The platform also offers discounted cannabis deals, similar to Groupon, but with an array of interactive and personalized features. Moreover, HERBPON provides exposure to non-cannabis businesses who are interested in tapping into the lucrative and rapidly expanding cannabis market. Various non-cannabis sectors, including travel, restaurants, events, and education, can also promote their offerings through HERBPON. The platform provides an easy and consistent way for companies to engage with consumers through an uncensored social media environment, which typically has content restrictions regarding cannabis-related topics.


 James Martinez, the Chief Technology Officer and head of technical development at HERBPON, highlights the excitement of customers who can find practically everything they desire on the platform at significantly lower prices than elsewhere. The deals offered on HERBPON are consistently excellent, with discounts of up to 70% off. This platform is not only advantageous for consumers but also benefits merchant partners. HERBPON collaborates directly with a wide range of merchants, including dispensaries, retail stores, and recreational cannabis shops, providing them with a hassle-free e-commerce platform where they can market their discounts on a daily basis.



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